Sales of quality solar product in Madagascar reach all-time high

Since the first grant application window closed in December 2020, more than 73,000 eligible products have been submitted by OMDF grant recipients, out of which more than 15,000 distributions were made in the second quarter of 2022. June 2022 was the best-selling month so far with more than 6,000 eligible distributions, an increase of almost 17% compared to the previous month, and an increase of more than 25% compared to June 2021.

The installed capacity corresponds to more than 500 kW.

To be noted that the actual number of quality products sold in Madagascar is even higher as not all distributions made fulfil OMDF’s eligibly criteria and are thus not accounted for in OMDF’s statistics.

Most products distributed (72%) have more than one light point. Top sellers are products with two to four light points. Main customers are households (93%). Only a small number of final customers are small and medium sized enterprises (6%) and other types of clients, e.g., NGOs (1%). Nearly all distributions (90%) were accompanied by consumer financing, either through microcredit (19%) or pay-as-you-go (71%).

Distributions in the Analamanga, Diana and Sofia regions remain the highest thanks to a high population density, favourable logistics and promising economic activities. The lowest distribution rates are registered in the Melaky, Ihorombe and Androy.

The grant and loan applications window will remain open until the limit of available funds.

We therefore invite you to submit your project that will help improve the solar sector in Madagascar.